Your goal in the game is to collect jams to disable power fields blocking your movement towards the end goal. Find the goal by using keyboard arrows (or touch on mobile).

How fast you can beat the all the 3 levels? How about collecting all the hidden Jams?


Created for GN! Online Jam 6: Neighbours Jam this game traveled the world while it was being developed. Each developer had fixed time slot to add something more to the game before sending it forward.

Developed by (in order of appearance):

  •  Miikka
  • js
  • Kim Kayeong
  • Mister Kiisseli
  • Tuure Saloheimo: Programming
  • Miro Aurela: Programming & Level Design
  • Henri Sarasvirta: Fine tuning visuals & Gameplay

Additional support by:

  • Sebastian Laitila: Music
  • Skogkatt: Graphics


Download 25 MB
traveling_android.apk 22 MB

Install instructions

Play on web page. Download windows build and run exe or install .apk on your mobile.


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Can someone help? This game is super difficult! I participated in making this and I still cannot beat it! I'm completely stuck in level 3...

Please see the attached picture: