A game made during Games Now Game Jam #4 with theme inside a quantum computer.

If the web version lags a lot, then using windows executable will help with performance. 

Your task is to build quantum circuits so that you get an output that is near the values shown on the doors. I have no idea how those values get formed, but try your best!

Control with wasd / arrows. Use e or left mousebutton to select/toggle objects. Right mouse buttons allows you to zoom. Numbers 1-7 select the operator to input. Qubits go always in order.

If you get stuck, the downloadable package has a cheats folder with screenshots of each of the puzzle. Or you can also use k to destroy any objects that are under your cursor to move forward (or just to explore).

2021-04-14: Fixed quantum circuits to work properly & small optimisations.


Quantum_Cube_2.zip 60 MB

Install instructions

Run the game either on browser or download the zip and run the executable.

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