Motion ... we move constantly going from one place to another. Every day. And what does it look like when you encounter electric scooters? They are constantly in motion. It looks like they are newer stopping. Are you angry at them when they block your way? Are they a nuisance to you? Or are you happy that they move fast so that you can easily go from one place to another? 

Well ... how about another motion? Motion of very small things called particles. Yes, particles. In this case light particles called photons. What do you think happens with them? How do they move? What laws do they obey? That is easy - Quantum laws! Want to see how that looks like? A cool experiment called a double slit experiment? How will they behave? We all know how we behave and feel when we are in motion and encounter an obstacle. Take a look at them.

A game where you drive a Particle Scooter into double slit experiment and score points by each crash test dummy bodypart hit.

Lot of inspiration for this game come from legendary Porrasturvat game.


Code: Henri

Story: Maja

Texture pack: Free stylized PBR Textures pack by Lumo Art 3D

Music: Andy Ray / Action Game Music Pack

Published 11 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5


Download 32 MB

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