Mazed is a game made during Slavig Game jam 2020 online. Play through randomly generated levels. Control mechanics include keyboard (arrows), mouse and gyroscope. Select the mode from the menu.

Collect stars and find the exit to complete a level. Avoid walls and enemy towers.

Gameplay video

Additional assets used

Music - Andy Ray / Casual Game Music pack
SFX - Casual Game SFX pack
Font - Huerta Tipográfica / Google Fonts


Download 40 MB
mazed.apk 26 MB

Install instructions

Play on mobile, windows or browser. Change movement method by click the gear on topright.


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Hey! I played your game :D I like the visual and the collisions sound ^_^ maybe in a improvement, you could add a map that tells the number of levels, buuut it's an amazing game :3 for some time, I felt like i was in a eletric maze challenge! Keep going ^^


There's infinite levels. It's all procedurally generated :)

Wow! I swear I didn't realize, really! I need to learn to make procedural games, seems so cool (;