A game made during daylight saving transition in 0 (1) hours (03:00 -> 03:00).

Classical minesweeper with increased difficulty of having customizable sweep size.

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this is really really cool! I beat a 7x7 :D a solved grid with 7x7 sweep size

Oh man I love minesweeper. 5x5 minesweeper is really interesting. I really enjoyed playing it and even managed to solve a grid! 7x7 is too much for me haha. Good job making this!

Ok  I'll try it tomorrow ! Nice idea.

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Hmm. I am not sure that the 5x5 grid can be solved without taking risks. But it might work with some extra rules. For example, displaying if the tile has NO neighbouring bomb.

Edit : It is still possible to progress though... very interresting take on minesweeper.


I've tried it a few times now, and so far I haven't gotten a single board that requires guessing other than when starting. (I start with the 4 courners).

Bonkers in a good way, and stressful! Great fast implementation!