Move your cube with keyboard / mouse or touch. Collect green orbs as you go along. All of the squares need to be lit to move to next level. Space resets level.

There was a request for info on how the level generation rng works, so here's a small  listing of algorithm :

1 Randomize width & height.
2 Select a starting position. (x = random * width, y = random * height)
3 Randomize a target "walk" length for level. (w * h / 4 to w * h / 2).
4 Mark the current position as walked.
5 Pick available position to move to from ones around.
6 If there's available squares, pick one and move to 4. If no available, continue to 7.
7 Mark the c urrent position as ending.
8 For all the walked squares pick random ones to have green orb.
9 Go through the whole data and build walls.
10 Level is read

PlatformsAndroid, HTML5
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)


Download 41 MB
c3.apk 28 MB

Install instructions

Download apk, windows executable or play on browser (coming soon.


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Really fun game :), but it's a bit easy and linear. Maby add some new mechnics(portals, blocks you can go over multiple times, blocks that force you in one direction) or some story. The vibes(lights music) are really well done. All in all a very good game. :)