A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Please note this game requires you to know the Finnish language!

Tune in to 1920s Finnish radio. Use either Xbox controller sticks or mouse buttons to tune in to different frequencies. Find the Tampere Radio station and listen what your neighbours want to know! Answer to questions with the Start button or wait until the time is up.

Done during museo Game Jam 2018

Programming: Lauri Kosonen, Henri Sarasvirta

Graphics: Simo Kontiokorpi

Sound Engineering: Matias Harju 

Scriptwriting: J.E. Halkola, Riina Linna, Outi Penninkangas

Museum experts: Riina Linna, Outi Penninkangas

Audio Sourcing: J.E. Halkola

Voice Acting: J.E. Halkola, Simo Kontiokorpi, Outi Penninkangas, Henri Sarasvirta 

Font: Splendid 66 by Johan Holmdahl

Museum Material Used: 
Tampere museums, Collections: 
Archive of Tampere Radio Association
Siiri Database www.siiri.tampere.fi

Other Source Materials: 
National Library
Digital Newspaper Collection 

Source codes available at https://github.com/Archisto/bad-reception

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsExca, Arkisto Games, J.E. Halkola
GenrePuzzle, Educational

Install instructions

Just run the exe. Might now work on mac/linux.


Bad Reception v2 51 MB
Bad Reception v3 51 MB
Bad Reception (osx) 59 MB
Bad Reception v3 (osx) 59 MB

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